Our company offers various types, shapes and calibers of natural casings, in order to achieve a variety of shapes, colors, aromas and flavors of fresh, half-dried and dried meat products.



The company is an authorized representative and distributor of collagen casings of Devro Company, and the nets for packaging meat products of the Nomax Trading Company.



Our customers can be carefree in terms of health and safety of our products, following the implementation of HACCP system, which is under the jurisdiction of Croatian and European veterinary inspection. Our company are scheduled member of the World Association for Natural Sausage casing “INSCA”.


CROMA Varazdin

Croma Varazdin is located in Sveti Ilija, Croatia. Since 1992. the core business is selecting, packing, tubing, purchasing and supplying the animal natural casings. Natural casings are intended for production of meat products used in sausages processing industry as well as for use in households making local delicacies.

Croma ­Varazdin d.o.o. is an authorized representative and distributor of best international vendors.

Our goal is not to be the biggest and strongest, but to offer high quality, with high hygiene standards.

Today Company has 100+ employees and 3 production facilities for primary and secondary treatment of natural casings.

More than 30 years of work and experience

The company’s business goal is not to be the ‘biggest and strongest’, but to supply the market with top-quality products and provide its customers with peace of mind in the form of uninterrupted production in accordance with health and veterinary regulations.




Production facilities




We are working with most major Local and International meat industry and best international vendors


CROMA Varazdin

The company CROMA-Varaždin d.o.o. with headquarters in the picturesque town of Sveti Ilija, which is located on gentle slopes with a beautiful view of the old royal city of Varaždin, 7 km away. It was founded during the war in 1992 as a small family business.

With dedicated work and great efforts, as well as the sincere desire of the young owners to develop their business, production and business facilities were built with high hygiene and health criteria.